About Rebecca Crowell
Rebecca with painting

I created this website with the goal of collecting information about CWM in one organized location, and as a way in which artists involved with the medium could contribute articles, workshop information, and links. CWM lends itself to experimentation and exploration, and it is my hope that the site will continue to grow over time as our collective knowledge expands.

My own experience with CWM goes back about 17 years to when I first began mixing it with my oils. Over the next few years, I began to explore various ways to exploit its unique qualities, such as the body it gives the paint, its ability to be applied in layers and its compatibility with other media such as powdered pigment, collage, and drawing tools.

When I taught my first Oil and Wax Workshop in 2009, I was not aware of anyone else addressing CWM as a teaching topic, and it was hard to find much of any information about its use—I relied on the techniques for abstract paintings that I had developed in my own studio, along with information supplied by the manufacturers of commercial CWM. Since then, I’ve learned a lot through my work in the studio, and through teaching and the input of other artists. I am eager to share my own approach and perspective through this site, and to welcome the input of others.

Over the past few years, interest in CWM has grown quickly, as information has spread via workshops and various online sources (especially the Oil and Wax Ning site.) Many more artists are now involved (as well, many are coming forth who have been quietly using CWM for years.) It is an exciting time for all of us who love using CWM.

Please see the Contact page for information about how you can contribute to the growth of this website. Over time I plan to add more articles, links, and instructor information contributed by readers, and I will be depending on you for this content. I’ll also occasionally exchange the examples of artist’s work shown throughout the site, to give viewers an idea of the wide range of uses for CWM.

My goal is for an active, informative, and dynamic website from which we all can learn. Thank you for taking part in this venture!

– Rebecca Crowell

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