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Phyllis Lasche painting
Phyllis Lasche, Hero's Journey (Panel 1 of 3) 24"x24", oil/wax on panel, 2012
Financial Contributions
Phyllis Lasche
Phyllis Lasche, Hero's Journey (Panel 1 of 3) 24"x24", oil/wax on panel

You may submit original short articles or essays (around 400- 600 words) about a specific idea or technique that you have developed or explored--something that other artists can learn from or use in their work. Or you may address a more general topic such as process or creativity, as long as useful and concise ideas, information, and/or well supported opinion form the basis of your article. (Articles need not be specifically about CWM, but should be of interest to artists who use it.) In general, avoid long anecdotes, memoir, or personal ramblings.

When writing about technique, preference will be given to articles that go beyond basic description—that include the “why” as well as the “how” or “what.” For example, what motivated you to try the technique you describe, and what purpose does it serve in your work or studio practice?

You may submit 1-2 photos along with your article, and include your website and/or blog link to accompany the article. Please place your own copyright on your article. The article should be submitted as a Word document and the photo as a jpeg, approximately 800x600 pixels. Attach both in the same email, please, with Writing in the subject line.

You will receive email notification when your article is received and whether it will be published. If the article is accepted, but editing is required, you will have the chance to either make the suggested changes yourself or approve the edited version before it is posted. Published articles will remain on the site permanently, along with the links that you submit for your website and/or blog.

Thank you very much for submitting your writing!